Heartwood project

Very helpful advice from Alistair Goolden about how to visually present the piece (thanks Alistair!). One of his key points was the need to achieve a visual coherence, or continuity, between different elements of the piece. After discussion within the project team, we have gone for an “organic” look, focusing on natural materials. The centrepiece will be a woven sculpture of a heart, produced by local artist Liz Walsh. A wonderful contribution by Liz, which will be situated on the tree during the performance, and used as a further sound source. The sculpture is made from willow grown in Somerset, with a bit of ash – from sustainable sources! I have also had a go at weaving willow myself, to create the weatherproof shelters for the loudspeakers. Many thanks to World of Willow for willow supplies, grown right here in Dorset. Weaving turns out to be a very relaxing, almost Zen activity – although my efforts are nowhere near as impressive as Liz’s. Next job is to source a range of wicker or willow baskets in which to put all of the sound equipment – time to start searching charity shops and car boot sales…
heart sculpture